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We offer solutions based on fundamental principles of Quality, Time, and Cost.


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15 Years of Practical Experience Deep industry expertise enables us to develop plans and strategies that best meet client objectives.
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We Provide the Best Solutions
Based on Nature of the Project

We believe in resolving problems with the right attitude and a pragmatic approach. Our highly qualified professionals with experience in various sectors and markets can help find solutions based on the nature of the project.

Our aim is to deliver solutions based on the core principles of Quality, Time and Cost.

Awwal Gani

CEO & Founder QTC UK LTD

Our Vision & Mission

Empowering success through expert project management and commercial management solutions.

Awards & Recognition

QTCUK LTD is regulated by RICS, ensuring adherence to the world's top standards in land, property, and construction. Rigorous assessments guarantee compliance with RICS' codes of conduct and professional scrutiny, providing peace of mind to our clients.

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What Service We Offer

At any stage of Programme, whether pre-contract or post contract, we provide a full range of services to private and public sector organisation, helping them optimise their projects, minimise risk and maximise efficient delivery.


Project Management, Quantity Surveying & Commercial Management

Procurement & tendering strategies & support

Contract Management & Project Control

Contract integrated project & specialist support services

Dispute avoidance & alternative dispute resolution (ADR)

Training & capability enhancement

Stakeholder & supply chain management


Change Control

Performance Tracker


Embracing New Horizons: Explore Opportunities with QTCUK Ltd

We bring a diverse range of industry experience, enabling us to adapt quickly to different sectors and challenges.
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Choose QTC for Expert Project & Commercial Management

Expertise You Can Trust: Our team comprises qualified professionals with extensive experience across diverse sectors. This enables us to tailor solutions that precisely fit your business/project needs.

Whether you need strategic project management guidance, commercial insights, or a blend of both, QTC is your reliable partner every step of the way. Experience the difference with QTC-where expertise meets excellence.
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Contact us today to discuss how we can empower your Business / Project to thrive.

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Marketing Invasion



Customer Ralationship



Market Analytics



Strategic Assessment



Financial Consultancy

Seeking Experienced Professionals: Project Manager, Quantity Surveyor, Arbitrator

Our team of construction experts offers a distinctive combination of industry knowledge and technical excellence to steer your project towards unparalleled success. Our detailed knowledge and understanding of the construction industry requirements and processes enable us to develop plans and strategies that best meet the Client’s objectives whilst promoting a fair, cooperative and mutually trusting relationship between all parties involved.

Maximize Efficiency and Savings: Partner with Our Expertise

We work collaboratively with our Clients and their partners to formalise the best strategies for their organisations to deliver their prestigious programmes. We also represent our Clients and support them in achieving their objectives. At any stage of a programme, whether pre-contract or post-contract, we provide a full range of services to private and public sector organisations, helping them optimise their projects, minimise risk, and maximise efficient delivery.

Exceptional project and commercial management expertise; their proactive approach and attention to detail were invaluable.

Luciano Ferry
Luciano Ferry


Their adept project and commercial management skills streamlined operations and optimized costs, ensuring project success.

Alya Allison
Alya Allison

CEO Bciaga

Their proficiency in project and commercial management ensured seamless operations and cost-effectiveness, contributing significantly to project success.

Trevor Hart
Trevor Hart


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